MHEC Outstanding Service Award

2017 Application | Outstanding Service Award Criteria | History of Recipients 

2017 Application

Download the application. Completed applications are due to Pam Schutt, director of state relations, by Friday, September 29, 2017.

Outstanding Service Award Criteria

  • Years of service to MHEC
  • Creation of MHEC programs and services
  • Securing participation in MHEC programs and services 
  • Strong commitment to the MHEC principles
  • Increasing MHEC visibility in private industry
  • Promotion of public/private partnerships for the betterment of higher education
  • Exemplary leadership service to the Midwestern Higher Education Compact 
  • Setting an example as a mentor for other volunteers
  • Innovation and creation of ideas that advance collaboration and cooperation in education

History of Recipients

2009 – Dennis Linster, CIO, Wayne State College (NE) – since retired 2010 
2011 – Grant Crawford, CIO and consultant, MHEC; MHEC Technologies Committee and CIO, North Dakota University System 
2012 – Ken Sauer, Senior Associate Commissioner for Research and Academic Affairs, Indiana Commission for Higher Education
2013 – John Dunning, CIO, Wayne State College (NE) & MHEC Technologies Committee Chair
2014 - Ruth Ginzberg, Sr. I.T. Procurement Specialist, University of Wisconsin System
2015 - Carla Ahrens, Risk Manager, State of Missouri; and Greg Clayton, Director of Benefits and Risk Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2016 - Patricia "PJ" Kale, Executive Director of Risk Management, University of Illinois
2017 - Sue Maes, Emeritus Dean for Continuing Education at the K-State Global Campus for Kansas State University