e-Transcript Initiative

The MHEC e-Transcript Initiative (ETI) offers a mechanism to facilitate the transfer of student information in a consistent format between MHEC’s public and private high schools to MHEC’s public and private colleges and universities. The ETI also facilitates the transfer of student information among all participating MHEC postsecondary institutions.

All high schools and public and private non-profit colleges, universities, community colleges, technical colleges, and statewide higher education agencies in MHEC member states are eligible to participate in the e-Transcript Initiative.

Four MHEC states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) have active state-wide initiatives. More details can be found at http://www.parchment.com/state-agencies/.

More Information

For more information on how your state or institution can participate in the MHEC e-Transcript Initiative, please contact Nathan Sorensen, director of government contracts, at 612-677-2767.