The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Postsecondary Institutions available for MHEC member states

Posted: Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 11:58

Graduation rates are frequently employed in rating the effectiveness and efficiency of colleges and universities. However, variation in raw graduation rates may better reflect differences in such factors as admissions selectivity or institutional mission rather than whether institutional practices and programs are conducive to student success. MHEC's recently released reports on Effectiveness and Efficiency in Promoting Timely Degree Completion: A Performance Rating System for the States thus estimates institutional effectiveness as the difference between an institution’s actual graduation rate and the rate that would be expected given the institution’s structural attributes, the types of students served, and the geographical context. Institutional efficiency is then estimated as the ratio of effectiveness to educational expenditures per full-time equivalent student. The results demonstrate that seemingly low graduation rates may in fact reflect institutional practices that are satisfactory or better. Download your state's report from our Resources Page.