January e-News

Posted: Friday, January 13, 2017 - 15:34

MHEC renews contract for research and advisory services

MHEC has renewed the Info-Tech Research Group contract for research and advisory memberships, best practice development programs, and consulting services through December 31, 2017. The one-year renewal, with the option for three additional one-year renewals, includes a new pricing schedule. The amendment included a grandfather clause for current customers. Eligible entities in the MHEC region include colleges, universities, K‐12 districts and schools, cities, states and local government. The contract is also available to these same entities of MHEC's sister compacts in the Southern Regional Education Board and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. For more information about this contract or others, contact Nathan Sorensen, strategic IT procurement officer, at 612-677-2767.  Download the contract summary for all contracts.

The Value of Student Health Insurance – Key to Student Success

Stories about the Affordable Care Act and the rising costs of health insurance, especially regarding exchange plans, continue to dominate the headlines. As campuses begin to receive their student health insurance renewals uncertainty permeates the marketplace. It’s more important than ever for campuses to research, compare, and ultimately select a plan that keep their students healthy and in school so they can graduate and succeed. In addition, during these uncertain times campuses need to select a carrier that is compliant and fully equipped to rapidly respond to changes in regulations.
MHECare Student Insurance Solutions can provide that reassurance to campuses. Here are several reasons why campuses should consider offering a student health insurance plan through MHECare:
Health Benefits — Health and wellness are critical components to academic success. Student health plans offer 100 percent coverage for preventive care obtained at an in-network provider. Remember, the primary purpose of student health insurance is to keep students healthy and in school so they can graduate and realize their life and career goals.
Cost Benefits — Student plans available through colleges or universities often provide benefits that are more affordable than comparable plans on the open market. Many student plans available today are commonly referred to as Gold or Platinum plans, but with the added benefit of being coordinated with the Student Health Services available on campus.
Due Diligence — MHEC has completed its due diligence through a comprehensive and extensive RFP process designed to save our institutions time and money. Campuses can provide students with quality insurance solutions with the peace of mind knowing that MHEC has selected a nationally-recognized carrier that is not only fully-compliant but also offers a national network of providers with coverage regardless of the distance from campus or home.
Tailored Plans for Students —  Colleges customize their student health plans to best meet the needs of their students, and can elect to provide coverage for a wide range of services, such as doctor office visits, preventive care, prescription drugs, accidental injury, hospitalization and/or outpatient surgery and diagnostic benefits. Because plans are tailored for students, it’s geared to work hand-in-hand with the Student Health Center.
The advantages of student health insurance plans make them an affordable, quality alternative to more expensive, traditional plans for full-time, part-time, international, and graduate students. For more information about MHECare - MHEC’s student health insurance options - visit http://www.mhec.org/mhecare/student-health-insurance or contact Jennifer Dahlquist, MHEC vice president, at 612-677-2762.

Staff and Commissioner News

Larry Isaak, MHEC president, and Pam Schutt, MHEC director of state relations, along with North Dakota commissioners met with newly elected North Dakota Governor Doug Bergum on January 11. Additional meetings were held with commissioners and other key legislators about the progress of MHEC's programs and research. MHEC will travel to Kansas on January 17-18, South Dakota on January 25-26, and Missouri on January 30-31. If you would like more information about these state visits, please contact Ms. Schutt at 612-677-2764.
Photos from these visits may be viewed on MHEC's Facebook and Flickr pages.

[WEBINAR] The Ins and Outs of ACE Military Evaluations

Join Sara Appel, MHEC project coordinator for the Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit (MCMC), for an in-depth discussion with Michele Spires, director of Military Programs of the American Council on Education (ACE), on February 14, for The Ins and Outs of ACE Military Evaluations. REGISTER NOW. Joining them will be ACE Faculty Reviewer Tracy Moshier, from Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN. Together they will provide a better understanding of the integrity and rigor of the ACE evaluations process. This webinar is being hosted by the MCMC's Articulation of Academic Credit Work Group.


January 17-18: Kansas State Visit
January 25-26: South Dakota State Visit
January 30-31: Missouri State Visit
February 14: [Webinar] The Ins and Outs of ACE Military Evaluations
February 15: [Webinar] Website Improvement for M-SARA Institutions
March 1-3: Technologies Committee Meeting
March 9-10: MPP Loss Control Workshop

MHEC in the News

Veterans Face Uphill Fight Getting College Credit for Military Training |Time| December 21, 2016
Veterans continue to battle for their military training to count as college credit |The Hechinger Report |December 22, 2016

MHEC's Strategic Priorities

•    Expand postsecondary opportunity and success.
•    Promote innovative approaches to improving institutional and system productivity.
•    Improve affordability to students and states.
•    Enhance connectivity between higher education and the workplace.