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Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017 - 11:13

Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit reviews metrics and strategizes for future during annual meeting

Steering Committee members of the Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit (MCMC), along with work groups and invited guests convened last week to review metrics and strategize next steps of this grant-funded initiative. The MCMC is intended to help ease the transition of servicemembers and veterans from military life to college campuses to the civilian workforce.

A summary of the MCMC states' work-to-date can be found on the MCMC Resources page, as well as on the respective MCMC state pages of the MHEC website. 

Gina Johnson, strategy director for Institutional Research (IR) Capacity Initiatives at the Association for Institutional Research, outlined IR in detail and how it can be used to measure and improve successful outcomes in higher education for military students. View her presentation here. Chris Cate, vice president of research for Student Veterans of America, engaged with attendees on student veterans college success and provided an update on the National Veterans Education Success Tracker (NVEST) joint research project. This joint research project  seeks to understand in-detail how student veterans perform in postsecondary education using the GI Bill. Cate and his colleague recently presented on this topic for a MHEC webinar.

Additional updates were given by Michele Spires, director of Military Programs for the Center for Education Attainment and Innovation at the American Council on Education; John S. Kem, major general of the U.S. Army, and provost of Army University (KS); and Lisa Lutz, president and CEO of Solutions for Information Design, LLC. (Download the SOLID presentation.)

For more information about the MCMC initiative, contact Sara Appel, MCMC project coordinator, at 765-586-6512.

Business officers invited to connect with MHEC during NACUBO Annual Meetings

Attendees of the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) annual meeting in Minneapolis will have a few opportunities to connect with the MHEC team July 29 - August 1. MHEC is proud of its history of collaboration and the NACUBO theme: Currents of Collaboration is aptly named given the meeting's "focus on the power of higher education and the role of the chief business officer in navigating connections and steering diverse teams toward a shared vision for the future".

Larry Isaak, MHEC president, and Nathan Sorensen, MHEC strategic IT procurement officer, will attend the opening reception and look forward to connecting with attendees. Additional MHEC staff will be available for questions at booth #904 during the scheduled exhibit hours on Sunday afternoon and evening, and again, Monday morning. Finally, MHEC invites attendees of NACUBO to learn more about MHEC programs and services during their breakfast on Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. Please register and plan to join us for this conversation.
For more information about MHEC at NACUBO, contact Mary Roberson, MHEC director of communications and marketing, at 612-677-2765. 

MHEC releases research briefs on teacher preparation

MHEC recently released three new research briefs on teacher preparation. In The Impact of Graduate Education on Teacher Effectiveness: Does a Master’s Degree Matter?, the brief examines the prevalence of graduate degrees among teachers in the United States and summarizes research on the relationship between teacher educational attainment and student achievement.

The Relative Effectiveness of Traditional and Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs: A Review of Recent Research seeks to inform policies on teacher preparation by reviewing research on the effects of teacher certification and preparation programs in relation to student performance and teacher outcomes.

Finally, The Effectiveness of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification Program presents a review of recent research on the relationship between NBPTS certification and both teacher outcomes (e.g., instructional knowledge, self-efficacy) and student achievement.

For more information about MHEC research, contact Aaron Horn, MHEC director for policy research, at 612-677-2768.



Nathan Sorensen, MHEC strategic information technology procurement officer, attended attended the Lenovo’s Accelerate Channel Partner Forum April 24-26, where he received training on Lenovo’s new product offering for education. MHEC holds a contract for computer hardware and services with Lenovo.

The Master Property Program is set to renew on July 1. Carla Ahrens, MHEC property program manager, convened the MPP Leadership Committee May 2-3, for renewal discussions.

Larry Isaak, MHEC president, Jennifer Parks, M-SARA director, and Emily Jacobson, M-SARA coordinator, attended the May 11, NC-SARA National Council Spring Meeting.

Aaron Horn, MHEC director for policy research, presented at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario workshop on Higher Education Performance Indicators: Moving Beyond Enrolment on May 11-12.

MHEC COMMISSIONER REAPPOINTMENTS - Nancy Boettger (IA), Kelly Burke (IL), Mike Duffey (OH), Randy Gardner (OH), Pat McGuire (IL), Olivia Madison (IA), Tonya Schuitmaker (MI), Sharon Steckman (IA)

NEW MHEC COMMISSIONER APPOINTMENTS - Kim LaSata (MI), Gary Romine (MO), Patrick Weber (SD)




May 16: Michigan State Visit

June 5-6: MHEC Executive Committee

June 20: [WEBINAR] Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Degree Network System Rebooted

June 21: [WEBINAR]  SARA 101 (institutions in M-SARA states)


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