February 2018 e-NEWS

Collectively, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact creates solutions that build higher education’s capacity to better serve individuals, institutions, and states by leveraging the region’s expertise, ideas, and experiences through multi-state: convening, programs, research, and contracts. These efforts drive the organization’s outcomes.

February e-News

MHEC renews contracts for software and services

MHEC has renewed the Corel Software contract for creative software offerings in design, print, media, and web through February 1, 2018. The one-year renewal, has the option for three additional one-year terms.

MHEC webinar features Corel and Painter demo

This webinar provides an overview of the features Corel Software, specifically Painter and shows how Painter delivers a highly realistic digital art experience that is unmatched by any other software on the market. Don Seegmiller demonstrates the benefits and also how he teaches Painter in the classroom. Don is a firm believer in the importance of learning a broad spectrum of artistic tools, ensuring that students are well rounded when they enter into the creative fields of tomorrow. Discover how Painter provides an environment that nurtures experimentation and creative thinking.

MHEC announces new contract with Corel

MHEC has awarded a competitive bid to Corel for their creative software offerings for design, print, media and web. Eligible organizations can either purchase, through an authorized reseller, Transactional Licenses, or Education Site Licensing. A School Rebate Program is also available to offer students Take Home Rights of the software at a discounted price. For more information, please see MHEC's e-commerce site