Commissioner Roles & Responsibilities

  1. The The role of the commissioner is a two-fold responsibility:

    a.    To the Compact as a whole; and
    b.    To the constituents served by the Compact.

  2. Commissioners are expected to attend the Compact’s annual meeting in November and other meetings of committees to which they are assigned.  The location of annual meetings rotates among the twelve member states of the Compact.  Two commissioners from each state serve on the Executive Committee, which acts for the commission in the interim between annual meetings and oversees the development of the Compact’s short-and long-range activities.  The Executive Committee meets in June and November.  Other committees are appointed to oversee programs or special initiatives and meet by conference call when possible.

  3. Commissioners will have a general knowledge and understanding of public and private higher education trends in their state and in the Midwest.

  4. Commissioners will develop an understanding of MHEC governance, programs, services and policy.

  5. Commissioners will work to build regional partnerships for effective and efficient access to, and quality of, higher education in their state and in the Midwest.

  6. Commissioners are expected to act as an ambassador for MHEC and will identify opportunities to increase visibility for MHEC within their states, regionally and nationally and disseminate information about MHEC’s programs and services wherever possible.

  7. In conjunction with the MHEC president, Commissioners will pursue annual meetings with their governor and other state leaders to report to them on MHEC programs and activities, and to solicit their ideas.

  8. Commissioners will promote legislation and policies on a non-partisan basis to encourage use of MHEC programs and services within their state.

  9. Commissioners will aid in ensuring timely payment of their state’s annual member obligations.

  10. Commissioners will be available to Compact staff for consultation.

Adopted Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Annual Commission Meeting