Exploratory Initiatives

Exploratory initiatives brought before the Midwestern Higher Education Compact for consideration come from a variety of sources. However, before MHEC can consider pursuit of an initiative the Compact must vet the viability of such suggested projects by evaluating them against the higher education landscape and MHEC's strategic goals.

An important factor when forwarding an idea for MHEC's consideration, is that the ideas generated must make sense to pursue regionally. A huge part of MHEC's success is our ability to work across state lines and to generate solutions that empower higher education. Additionally, there must be a consideration for policy and research expertise and relevant data to address the issue weighed against the expertise of the MHEC staff and the resources available to execute a new initiative. MHEC may need to pause the process for further exploration or abandon exploratory initiatives that don't meet these criteria.

Given an alignment, MHEC would engage its stakeholders and recommend a proposed solution to pursue with clear goals and measurable criteria for initiative success. This may include the engagement of additional expertise, resources, and organizational support.

Do you have ideas or questions? Contact: 

Rob Trembath
Vice President and General Counsel
robt@mhec.org or (612) 677-2763

Jennifer Dahlquist
Vice President
jenniferd@mhec.org or (612) 677-2762