Private Health Insurance Exchange

MHECare’s Private Health Insurance Exchange for Your Students and Medicare Eligible Employees

You have access to a private health insurance exchange through MHECare. Opt into either of these exchanges, and your institution can offer affordable health insurance to students and/or Medicare eligible employees. They can shop for and purchase insurance online – no paperwork for your institution, no added administrative time or costs.

This option is available at a nominal annual access fee. Learn more about how you can launch a private health insurance exchange on your campus and provide students and Medicare eligible employees with health insurance.

Participating MHEC institutions report that the onboarding process is quick and easy, and they are happy to know that questions, health insurance rates, and options are answered by professionals via a toll-free number, reducing time your staff used to spend fielding calls. Click here to learn more about the exchange for students or Medicare eligible employees and gain access to the exchange this year!

Questions about the programs may be addressed to Jennifer Dahlquist, MHEC vice president at 612-677-2762.