Private Health Exchange for Students

What's a private exchange?

  • Online platform for health, dental, vision and short-term insurance
  • Personalized custom designed to your institution
  • Multiple carrier options available to students
  • Includes plans with access to government subsidies and plans without

How does it work?

Step 1: We work with your institution to educate students about the exchange and how to use it.

Step 2: Students will then visit your custom landing page where they can shop and compare multiple types of insurance products..

Step 3: They have the freedom to browse on their own or give us a call and one of our licensed insurance experts will guide them through the process.

Step 4: Once they find a plan that meets their needs, they can enroll either by completing the application online or over the phone.


How will it benefit your institution?

Savings to students through Private Health Insurance Exchange

If your institution doesn’t currently offer a school-sponsored plan and is unable to offer one, a private exchange could be the perfect solution. You can offer students access to a wide range of coverage options and educational resources all on your custom landing page.

We handle the administrative work and simplify the process of getting students onboarded.

You save time assisting students in selecting insurance and provide value by offering student access to a wide range of coverage options and additional educational resources and personal support.


Assistance offered through using a Private Health Insurance Exchange

How will it benefit your students?

Private Health Insurance Exchange for Students allows students to focus on their studies.Your students will feel taken care of with dedicated service and personal support from our team of insurance experts. Our goal is to make students feel comfortable with knowing they have the right health insurance coverage so they can focus those late nights on studying for that big exam.

Offered under the MHECare umbrella of student insurance solutions, IXSolutions helps institutions support the student learning experience by providing access to insurance products that protect students from unexpected medical expenses and tax penalties.

If you would like to see a live example or schedule a demo, click here.

The Private Health Insurance Exchange for Students protects from unexpected medical expenses & tax penalties.


Need more information?

If you have any questions about the program please contact, Jennifer Dahlquist, MHEC vice president at 612-677-2762.