Higher Ed Redesign

Higher Ed Redesign LogoThe MHEC’s Higher Ed Redesign Initiative is a collaborative effort of the Compact and academic partners at the University of Minnesota's College of Design and Jandris Center for Innovative Higher Education. The initiative employs “Design Thinking for Social Innovation” by applying principles and practices from the design fields and related creative industries to redesign higher education models, processes, and practices. Design tools are used to address complex problems by engaging users of products or services to improve their utility, functionality, and accessibility.

For more information, contact Aaron Horn, director for policy research.

Design Associates Pilot Program

The Design Associates Pilot Program launched in 2013 when 18 “Design Associates” gathered for the first of three weekend workshops devoted to transforming higher education in Minnesota and the broader region. The Design Associates focused on how to utilize open educational resources to:

  1. Address achievement gaps and advance equity in higher education participation and outcomes;
  2. Reduce cost for students and families; and
  3. Improve the overall quality of learning.

The results of the design process, including prototypes for new or revised products, services, or delivery processes, were presented to an audience of policymakers and higher education officials at the MHEC Executive Committee meeting in June of 2014. A summary of the process and participant reflections are provided in the video below.

VIDEO: Design Thinking for Higher Ed Innovation 3





The Higher Ed Redesign Initiative: 2013-2014 Pilot Program Summary



The Higher Ed Redesign Initiative: Program Summary