Private Health Exchange for Students

What is a private exchange for students?

  • New, online delivery platform for health insurance
  • Personalized landing page custom designed for students
  • Multi-carrier health insurance options for students
  • Coverage options that include plans with access to government subsidies and those that do not

IXSolution's customizable private exchange, IXStore, offers students...

…a custom, online marketplace to shop for health and dental plans …educational resources and a dedicated team of licensed health insurance professionals …help to determine if they qualify for lower healthcare costs with government subsidies


How does it work?

Step 1: We work collaboratively with your institution to communicate the exchange to students so they know what it is and how they can access the exchange online.

Step 2: Students will then visit the custom landing page which is their entry point to shop and compare different types of insurance.

Step 3: They can either begin to shop online or give IXStore a call to speak with one of our licensed insurance experts who will guide them through the process.

Step 4: Once they find a plan that meets their needs, they can enroll in coverage by completing the application either online or over the phone.


How will it benefit your institution?


The IXStore Solution is perfect for any institution as it can be offered as a plug-and-play health insurance solution for schools that do not or are unable to offer a school-sponsored plan today. Using this solution will save administrative time in assisting students in selecting insurance and provide value by offering student access to a wide range of coverage options and additional IXStore resources and personal support.


How will it benefit your students?

IXStore strives to take the weight off students’ shoulders by providing a personal, concierge-like service with dedicated support from our insurance experts. Our goal is to help students feel good about finding the right health insurance so they can focus on their studies. The marketplace offers students a wide selection of plans to choose from so they can find one that best protects them and their finances, including direct access to subsidy-eligible plans on the public marketplace.

Offered under the MHECare umbrella of student insurance solutions, IXStore helps institutions support the student learning experience by providing access to insurance products that protect student from unexpected medical expenses and from paying a tax penalty.


Need more information?

If you have any questions about the program please contact, Jennifer Dahlquist, MHEC vice president at 612-677-2762.