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Children’s Savings Accounts: Increasing the Postsecondary Payoff for Low-Income Children

Children's Savings Accounts (CSAs) are accounts typically opened at birth or kindergarten that leverage families’ investments with an initial deposit (usually from $25 to $1,000) and savings matches, usually on a 1:1 ratio.  This brief begins with a closer look at the defining attributes and prevalence of CSAs across the nation. Then it discusses CSAs potential effects on the education pipeline (early childhood, school years, college years, and post-college years). It concludes by describing the challenges facing CSA programs and suggests innovations to address these problems.

2018 Annual Meeting: Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit

2018 Annual Loss Control Workshop Presentations

Participants of MHEC's property insurance program convened in St. Louis for the 20th Annual Loss Control Workshop on March 8-9. The workshop had three general sessions and 18 concurrent sessions in the categories of risk management, facilities, and emergency management/safety.