November 14-15, 2016, Commission Meeting: St. Louis, MO

Video of MHEC's 25th Anniversary Presentation & Panel Discussion

Valuing Military Learning - A Guide to Military Prior Learning Assessment and More

The Multi-State Collaborative of Military Credit (MCMC), a 13-state initiative of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact, has worked with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to provide a comprehensive online guide to obtaining healthcare education and assisting servicemembers and veterans on their path towards a healthcare career. This resource provides instructional guides, testimonials, and information on accelerated educational programs for veterans, as well as a comprehensive index of resources for MHEC’s member states plus Kentucky.

Faculty Qualification Policies and Strategies Relevant to Dual Enrollment Programs: An Analysis of States and Regional Accreditation Agencies

This policy report that was written in collaboration with the Education Commission of the States and examines state and regional accreditation policies relevant to instructor qualifications for dual enrollment programs. First, results are presented from a content analysis of state policies for dual enrollment instructor qualifications. Second, the faculty qualification policies of regional accreditation organizations are compared with a particular emphasis on the Higher Learning Commission and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Third, a description is presented of state strategies to increase the number of in-service teachers qualified to teach dual enrollment courses.

2016 Annual MCMC Meeting

The annual convening of MHEC's Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit Executive and Regional Steering Commitee.

2017 Annual MCMC Meeting

Higher Education in Focus: Selected Performance Indicators

This biennial report is intended to inform public discourse on higher education by providing key performance indicators relevant to the goal of increasing educational attainment. Performance indicators are categorized within six dimensions: Preparation, Participation, Affordability, Completion, Equity, and Finance.