3 Steps to Join or Renew - MHEC/Micro Focus Higher Education Collaborative

Join or Renew Step 1

When you first join the MHEC/Micro Focus Higher Education Collaborative, you must complete the three documents listed below. If you are renewing, you only need to complete the Addendum and the ALA Annual Fee Worksheet. Print and complete the Micro Focus pages, which includes the:

  1. Academic License Agreement (ALA)
  2. Addendum
  3. Please read and complete the ALA Annual Fee Worksheet

Send all the forms, along with payment to:

Micro Focus
ATTN: Contracts and Negotiations
1800 South Novell Place
M/S PRV-H-544
Provo, UT 84606

Join or Renew Step 2

Send a copy of the completed Collaborative Worksheet and MHEC payment to:

Midwestern Higher Education Compact
ATTN: Erin Frahm
105 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 450
Minneapolis, MN 55401
FAX: (612) 767-3353

Note: This document works best if it is downloaded first, and opened in Adobe Acrobat so that calculations auto-populate.

Join or Renew Step 3

Complete the Premium Service Support—Authorized Support User Form

Fax form to (801) 861-9477 or mail to:

Micro Focus
1800 South Novell Place
M/S PRV-E-243
Provo, UT 84606