Member States

Member states of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) are: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The state is the member and MHEC serves all public and private (not-for-profit) postsecondary institutions within its member states. In some cases K-12 districts and schools, or city, state, local government and political subdivisions may be eligible to participate in some of MHEC's technology contracts.

Affiliate Members

States not eligible to become a party to the Compact and/or Canadian Provinces may become affiliate members of the Commission when mutual interests exist and when it would benefit the Compact to enter into such arrangements. Such other states and/or Canadian Provinces may be afforded status as affiliate members to the Commission in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the Commission.

The Compact legislation must be approved by affiliate member states or provinces prior to being afforded affiliate member status.


Entities not eligible to become members of the Compact may be afforded status as Associates of the Commission in accordance with the policy outlined below.  The Commission reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

A.  Associate Status in Institutional Procurement Programs

After approval from the Commission, an entity outside of a MHEC state can become a MHEC Procurement Program Associate by making a payment to MHEC.   The amount of the payment will be dependent upon the number of programs of which the entity is a participant, as is more fully set forth below:

a. Participation in one MHEC program: $50,000
b. Participation in more than one MHEC program: an additional $25,000 per program

The MHEC programs are defined as follows:
a. The Master Property Program
b. MHECare Student Health Solutions Offerings
c. MHECtech Offerings

Additional programs may be added upon approval of the Commission.

The payment, which is required annually, can be made through any of the following methods:
a. Direct payment to MHEC (i.e., $50,000 if participation in one MHEC program, $75,000 if participation in two MHEC programs, etc.)
b. Over the course of a single year, payment of administrative fees to MHEC through participation in MHEC programs which in the aggregate equal the required payment amount
c. Any combination of payments through a and b above that results in the required payment amount to MHEC

MHEC Procurement Program Associate status allows participation in the applicable MHEC programs (i.e., use of the specific MHEC program contracts).  MHEC Procurement Program Associate status may allow for participation in program committee governance, depending upon established program specific criteria.

MHEC Procurement Program Associate status does not allow any other rights conferred on Compact or Affiliate members, such as:
a. Any MHEC governance rights
b. Guaranteed participation in MHEC Commission meetings, including paid cost of attendance by MHEC
c. Participation in the Midwest Student Exchange Program or the MHECare Student Health Consortium
d. Participation in any State Authorization Program
B.  Associate Status in the MHECare Student Health Consortium.

A separate class of associate status shall be established for institutions of higher education wishing to participate in the MHECare Student Health Consortium.  MHEC created the MHECare to provide a larger pool of participants in order to offer better and more affordable coverage to students of the Consortium’s institutions of higher education.  This MHECare Consortium Associate status is open to any public or private not-for-profit institution in the United States wishing to participate in the MHECare Student Health Collaborative, including those institutions that desire student health insurance coverage for their students through the MHECare Student Health Collaborative but can only do so by having MHEC serve as the policyholder.  As a result, MHEC may act on behalf of the MHECare Student Health Consortium and its individual institutions of higher education in sponsoring and entering into written agreement(s) with an insurance issuer to provide MHECare.  To obtain MHECare Consortium Associate status, an institution is required to meet the following requirements:

a. Institution must sign an MHECare Consortium Institutional Participation Agreement with MHEC; and
b. Institution must meet all of the guidelines set forth in the MHECare Consortium Institutional Participation Agreement.

An institutional fee is not required for MHECare Consortium Associate status. An institution’s MHECare Consortium Associate status shall be determined on an annual basis.  MHECare Consortium Associate status is strictly limited to student health insurance and does not grant any other rights conferred on Compact or Affiliate members, or any other rights conferred on Procurement Program Associates.  

Associate Status effective as of Nov. 17, 2013.


Entities also have an opportunity to sponsor MHEC events.