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MHEC/Micro Focus Higher Education Collaborative

Micro Focus logoThe Collaborative is an intercollegiate association of Micro Focus software users, established for the joint purposes of making Micro Focus products, services, and training more accessible, affordable and beneficial to member institutions while facilitating the exchange of best practices in Micro Focus software applications. One such offering include Security Event and Information Management (SEIM) scanning & audit solutions including:

These products can be purchased from MHEC's current ALA agreement, which offers Micro Focus’ highest discount, a 46% discount from academic pricing upon payment of 15% of your savings to MHEC. Follow the 3 Steps to Join or Renew to learn more.

Eligible institutions may also purchase other products using the ALA. Please be aware the MHEC/Micro Focus Higher Education Collaborative was not competitively bid.


Chris York
Micro Focus Territory Sales
(214) 514-2444

Nathan Sorensen
MHEC Director of Government Contracts
(612) 677-2767

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