Travel Policy and Reimbursement Form

All claims for travel reimbursement must be submitted to MHEC no later than 60 days from the last day of travel. Claims submitted after this time will not be processed. The compact requires receipts for all reimbursements (copies are acceptable).

Air Travel

  • Airfare is currently capped at $600 per flight. Any flight costing over this amount will need to have prior authorization. The MHEC travel agent will request this authorization before booking any flight over the cap amount.
  • Travelers are encouraged to be flexible with travel plans, including connecting flights vs. direct flights, in order to save on airfare.
  • Travelers are encouraged to book air travel through MHEC’s current travel agent.
  • MHEC will cover the cost of the initial ticket and travel agent fees for economy class airfare.
  • MHEC will cover the cost for one baggage fee per person per flight.
  • Flight change fees, lost ticket fees or additional baggage fees are not reimbursable. An exception will be made when the flight change is requested by the compact.
  • Cancelled or unused tickets must be reused to attend a MHEC function. Exceptions can only be made when the full cost of the ticket is reimbursed to the compact.
  • MHEC will cover the cost of personal vehicle mileage to and from the airport, and airport parking charges.
  • MHEC will cover the cost of transportation to and from the airport (e.g. shared shuttle service, taxi fare, light rail) Note: Limousine and luxury car rentals will not be reimbursed.

Automotive Travel

  • MHEC will cover the cost of midsize car rentals. Institution or state vehicles incurring a rental fee will be reimbursed as rental vehicles. Limousine and luxury car rentals will not be reimbursed.
  • Gas expenses are reimbursable when driving a rental vehicle.
  • MHEC will reimburse mileage, at the current IRS mileage rate, for personal vehicle use.  Gas purchases will not be reimbursed as this expense is calculated into the mileage rate.
  • Travelers are encouraged to use hotel transportation or shuttle services when available. Taxi fare is reimbursable when these options are unavailable. Taxi fare gratuity reimbursement is capped at 20% of the taxi fare.
  • MHEC will reimburse the cost of tolls.

Bus/Train Travel

  • MHEC will reimburse the cost of bus and/or train travel. Bus or train fare is currently capped at $600 per round trip. Any travel costing over this amount will need to have prior authorization.

Hotel Accommodations

  • MHEC will make an attempt to negotiate a group rate, as well as reduced parking and internet fees. MHEC will also attempt to have all guest rooms billed directly to the compact. Travelers are required to stay in the room block provided by the compact and to reserve their room prior to the hotel “cut off” date. Travelers will not be reimbursed for accommodations at other hotels when rooms are available in the MHEC room block at the designated hotel.
  • Travelers are responsible for any charges resulting in a failure to cancel a hotel reservation prior to a MHEC- or hotel-determined deadline. MHEC reserves the right to bill the traveler for any outstanding charges.
  • Incidentals such as personal phone calls, movies, and mini bar charges are the responsibility of the traveler.
  • Hotel staff gratuities are capped at $2.00 per night.


  • Those traveling on compact business will be reimbursed for actual meal expenses up to the per diem daily amounts defined by the U.S. General Services Administration. (
  • Receipts, showing meals and totals, are required for all reimbursements (copies are acceptable).
  • Expenditures for alcoholic beverages are only reimbursable when served with meals for MHEC commissioners, committee members, or meeting participants and approved by the compact president.
  • MHEC provides meals for certain meetings and events. Travelers choosing to dine elsewhere and not participate in provided meals are responsible for their meal expense and will not be reimbursed. This policy also applies to conferences or other events where MHEC has requested attendance.
  • Meal gratuity reimbursements are capped at 20% of the total meal cost.

Approved 11/18/2012