Interstate Migration

About this Indicator

Four measures are available for examining interstate student migration, including total in-migration, total out-migration, net in-migration, and adjusted out-migration. Total in-migration reflects the total number of out-of-state first-time freshmen enrolled in a particular state. Total out-migration reflects the total number of state residents who enrolled out of state as first-time freshmen. Net in-migration reflects the difference between the total in-migration and the total out-migration in a particular state. Adjusted out-migration shows the total number of first-time freshmen from a particular state who enrolled at an out-of-state institution per 100 high school graduates of that state. College enrollment in all measures only includes high school graduates who enrolled in a postsecondary institution within 12 months of graduating from high school or receiving a GED diploma.

Data Source

National Center for Education Statistics. IPEDS: Fall enrollment.