Update on MHEC Technology Solicitations

MHEC develops strategic contracts that provide easier and quicker access to IT hardware, software, and service solutions and continually explores ways to improve these IT solutions through its solicitation refresh process. A few examples of anticipated upcoming technology solicitations include: virtualization, research and advisory services, transcript services, and creative software. As a preview to these anticipated solicitations, MHEC encourages institutions and providers to use MHEC’s website to learn about the current contract offerings, the institutions leveraging the contracts, and MHEC’s impact regionally and nationally for supporting these initiatives. Each of the competitive solicitations will be thoroughly researched to define the scope of the solution objective in addition to profiling potential providers and developing requirements from the higher education community. Over the next several months, workgroups of five to seven subject-matter experts, representing the MHEC region, will be formed to evaluate and recommend a solution provider. To help MHEC gain a better understanding of how institutions in the region are leveraging technology solutions, MHEC is asking institutions to complete a brief five-minute survey on web and video conferencing and on virtualization. Additional surveys on other IT solutions will be posted to MHEC’s website over the course of the next year. When the solicitation is ready to be published a formal announcement will be made in the Minnesota State Register and on MHEC’s website News Page. For more information contact Nathan Sorensen, MHEC director of government contracts, at (612) 677-2767.