Aaron Horn

Associate Vice President of Research
Policy & Research

Aaron Horn is the associate vice president of policy research at the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC). He leads multiple research initiatives intended to inform policymaking in the Midwest and beyond in the areas of college readiness; affordability and finance; educational quality; and performance, value, and accountability. His published research over the past decade has spanned such topics as internationalization; scientific integrity; faculty stress; study abroad; moral and ethical development; civic engagement; and performance indicators for accountability systems. Prior to joining MHEC, Aaron conducted educational research at the University of Minnesota, where he coordinated various large-scale projects, including the DOE-funded Study Abroad for Global Engagement, a pioneering nationwide study on the long-term outcomes of participation in study abroad programs.

Among his more adventurous undertakings in life, Aaron worked for a couple of years in Bogota, Colombia, as a psychotherapist at Retornar Psychiatric Clinic and a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Antonio Nariño University.

Aaron joined MHEC in 2012.


B.A. magna cum laude, Psychology, St. John’s University
M.A., Educational Policy and Administration, University of Minnesota
Ph.D., Higher Education, University of Minnesota


Selected Publications
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