Attainment Levels

About this Indicator

This indicator measures the percentage of adults in selected age groups who have attained a postsecondary credential. Postsecondary attainment is based on the highest credential completed beyond high school, including an industry-recognized certification, a sub-baccalaureate certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree or higher. “Any credential” includes all certifications (2018 and after), certificates, and degrees. The indicator also shows the percentage of adults who have completed some college credit but not a credential. Postsecondary attainment levels are presented for adults ages 25 to 34, 25 to 44, and 25 to 64.

Data Source

Associate degree and higher attainment: U.S. Census Bureau. American Community Survey one-year estimates: Sex by age by educational attainment for the population 18 years and over.

Certificate/certification attainment rate: Lumina Foundation. A stronger nation: Learning beyond high school builds American talent.

Note. The estimate for 2020 is not reported due to data collection problems that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry-recognized certification attainment rate is measured for 2018 and after.