FTE Enrollment

About this Indicator

Full-time equivalent (FTE) undergraduate enrollment is a measure of the weighted number of part- and full-time students enrolled at all postsecondary institutions over a 12-month period between July 1st of one year through June 30th of the following year. FTE enrollment is based on the credit or clock hours reported by the institution and the institution’s calendar system. For institutions operating under the quarter calendar system, one FTE equals 45 credit hours or 900 clock hours. For institutions operating under the semester, trimester, 4-1-4, or another system, one FTE equals 30 credit hours or 900 clock hours.

Data Source

National Center for Education Statistics. IPEDS: 12-Month enrollment (reported).

Note. Carnegie Classification was used to classify institutions. Public institutions with mixed categories were classified according to their distribution of associate and bachelor’s degrees awarded. Categorizations may change over time.