2024 Concurrent Enrollment Webinar Series-Webinar 4

Date & Time

About the Webinar Series

Explore how states in the MHEC region are implementing the recommendations from the January 2024 Community College Research Center (CCRC) and College in High School Alliance report, “How States and Systems Can Support Practitioner Efforts to Strengthen Dual Enrollment.” This five-part webinar series showcases practical examples of states operationalizing the report's three key recommendations: expanding access to dual/concurrent enrollment, strengthening dual/concurrent enrollment pathways, and building and sustaining access, quality, and success through robust partnerships. Join us to learn how states and systems in the MHEC region are translating these recommendations into effective practices to enhance dual enrollment.

Everyone is responsible for program quality, so who’s accountable? A look at state approaches to quality assurance nationally and in the MHEC region.

Dual and concurrent enrollment programs occupy a shared space, being neither fully high school or college. Their quality depends on aligning with clear standards in key areas. While others struggle with this complexity, NACEP, designed for this space, excels. Over the past two decades we have added focus, support, guidance, and external accountability to the complexity of the shared space.

In 2023, NACEP received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to explore state approaches to dual and concurrent enrollment quality and craft impactful solutions useful in all 50 states. This critical work aims to build national cohesion, alignment, and a standard of expectation for program quality by challenging states to set and support clear expectations for program quality that are met, measured, and reported. In this session, we will share insights on how 12 MHEC states navigate the quality conversation despite varied contexts, priorities, and tools as well as early lessons learned from our research to date.


  • Jenny Parks, Vice President, MHEC
  • Amy Williams, Executive Director, National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)
  • Dianne Lassai Barker, Director of State Engagement, National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)