MHEC Staff

MHEC-Susan Heegaard

Susan G. Heegaard

MHEC-Rob Trembath

Rob Trembath

Vice President and General Counsel
MHEC-Jennifer Dahlquist

Jennifer Dahlquist

Vice President
MHEC-Carla Ahrens

Carla Ahrens

Property Program Manager
MHEC-Sara Appel

Sara Appel

Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit; Midwest Student Exchange Program Manager
MHEC-Katie Chock

Katie Chock

Meeting and Event Manager
MHEC-Kristin Coffman

Kristin Coffman

Director of Finance and Administration
MHEC-Aaron Horn

Aaron Horn

Associate Vice President of Research
MHEC-Emily Jacobson

Emily Jacobson

Associate Director of M-SARA
MHEC-Ben Millard

Ben Millard

Data and Analytics Officer
MHEC-Daniel Moser

Daniel J. Moser

Chief Financial Officer
MHEC-Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks

Senior Director of Policy and Academic Initiatives
MHEC-Mary Roberson

Mary Roberson

Senior Director of Communications and Marketing
MHEC-Nathan Sorensen

Nathan Sorensen

Director of Government Contracts
MHEC-Shaun Williams-Wyche

Shaun Williams-Wyche

Research Manager