MHEC Executive Committee

Executive Officers:

Chair: Rick Carfagna (OH), Vice Chair: Devinder Malhotra (MN); and Treasurer: V.J. Smith (SD); Past Chair: David Eisler, (MI)


Suzanne Morris

Illinois Community College Board
Vice Chair
Term: 6/7/2019 to 7/1/2023
IL-Commissioner Katie Stuart

Katie Stuart

Illinois General Assembly
State Representative; Member, Higher Education Committee
Term: 5/4/2021 to 1/2/2023

Ken Sauer

Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer
Term: 3/27/2017 to Serves At the Pleasure of the Governor

Olivia M.A. Madison

Iowa Governor's Designee
Term: 6/29/2021 to 4/30/2023, Serves At the Pleasure of the Governor
KS Commissioner - Barbara W. Ballard

Barbara W. Ballard

Kansas Legislature
State Representative
Term: 8/5/2021 to 7/1/2023

Blake Flanders

Kansas Board of Regents
President and CEO
Term: 9/20/2018 to 6/1/2022
MI Commissioner - David Eisler

David L. Eisler

Ferris State University
Term: 3/26/2021 to 3/18/2025
MI-Commissioner Brandy Johnson

Brandy M. Johnson

Michigan Community College Association
Term: 4/16/2019, Serves at the Pleasure of the Governor
MN-Commissioner Connie Bernardy

Connie Bernardy

Minnesota Legislature
State Representative; Chair, Higher Education Finance and Policy Division
Term: 1/2/2021 to 1/1/2023

Devinder Malhotra

Minnesota State
Term: 3/3/2021 to 1/6/2025
MO-Commissioner Kayla Hahn

Kayla Hahn

Missouri Governor Michael Parson
Policy Director
2/6/2019 to Serves At the Pleasure of the Governor
NE Commissioner - John Cavanaugh

John Cavanaugh

Nebraska Legislature
State Senator
Term: 1/22/2021 to 1/1/2023
NE Commissioner - Deborah A. Frison

Deborah A. Frison

Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
Commission Member
Term: 1/2/2019 to 1/1/2023

Mark Hagerott

North Dakota University System
Term: 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2023
OH-Commissioner Rick Carfagna

Rick Carfagna

Ohio Legislature
State Representative; Assistant Majority Floor Leader
1/2/2021 to 1/1/2023

Gary Cates

Ohio Department of Higher Education
Senior Vice Chancellor
Term: 1/9/2019 to 1/8/2023
SD Commissioner - Larry J. Tidemann

Larry J. Tidemann

South Dakota Governor's Designee, State Representative
1/11/2019, Serves At the Pleasure of the Governor

Janelle Toman

South Dakota Board of Regents
Director of Communications
Term: 9/10/2018 to 6/30/2022
WI-Commissioner Connie Hutchison

Connie Hutchison

State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board
Executive Secretary
Term: 7/13/2021 to 7/1/2023

Rolf Wegenke

Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU)
Term: 3/14/2019 to 7/1/2023
Ex Officios (Former Chairpersons)

Randolph M. Ferlic

Nebraska Governor's Designee
Term: 1/2/2019 to 1/1/2023; Serves At the Pleasure of the Governor

Tim Flakoll

North Dakota Governor's Designee
Term: 12/15/2016 to Serves At the Pleasure of the Governor
IN Commissioner Alternate - Teresa Lubbers

Teresa S. Lubbers

Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Term: 1/5/2010