Purpose of the MHEC Technologies Community

Technology’s role in higher education is increasingly diverse, continually evolving, and embedded in the fabric of institutional operations. The Technologies Community engages IT innovators and specialists from services areas for technology, academia, students, and administration. The community provides strategic guidance to MHEC on technology-related topics in support of the mission of higher education institutions and states in the Midwest. 

Technology Advisory Groups

Advisory groups are comprised of members of technologies community who have an interest in or are focused on areas of specific interest. The advisory groups are:

  1. Academic Technologies
    The Academic Technologies Advisory Group explores and reviews opportunities in those technology areas that directly impact academic instructional needs. This is a very broad category, so the group may choose to focus on one or two areas at any given time.
  2. Comprehensive Learner Records
    The Comprehensive Learner Records Advisory Group will study and advise MHEC and member states on the technologies and strategies necessary to move each state along the path toward comprehensive learner records.
  3. Emerging Perspectives
    The Emerging Perspectives Advisory Group is not restricted to any specific area of interest, but may choose their own interest area based on current trends.
  4. Information Security
    As technology use increases, so does an institution’s risk due to the associated data/information that is accessed via or stored within systems. The Information Security Advisory Group looks at the security issues around data and information.

The advisory groups provide flexibility for small groups to focus on specific areas of interest to the higher education technology community. This work may be strategic and collaborative in nature, or may be very tactical. Work may include initial analysis of potential technology contracting opportunities, collaboration with policy initiatives, feedback on technology challenges, or other areas as needed. If you are interested in participating in one of these advisory groups, contact Deb Kidwell.

Technology Interest Areas:


Contracts have been established for a variety of technology needs such as computers, software, printers and peripherals, and data and networking. Link to MHEC’s Technology Contracts.


MHEC offers webinars that may be of interest to the technology community. Recordings of those webinars are available on MHEC’s YouTube channel.

Quarterly Technology Newsletters  

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Technologies Executive Committee
Ross Berndt Minnesota State Minnesota
Andrew Buker University of Nebraska Nebraska
John Dunning University of Wisconsin-Platteville (Ex Officio) Wisconsin
David Hansen South Dakota Board of Regents South Dakota
Dirk Huggett North Dakota University System North Dakota
Aric Kirkland Eastern Michigan University Michigan
Marty Mark University of Northern Iowa Iowa
Angela Neria Pittsburg State University Kansas
John Rathje Kent State University Main Campus Ohio
Al Stadler Crowder College Missouri
Chet Strebe Northcentral Technical College Wisconsin
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Deb Kidwell

Deb Kidwell

Director of Technology Initiatives
Communications & Operations