Communicating the Value Proposition of IT (hint - don't talk about IT!)

Date & Time

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Online (October 18–19, 2023)

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact’s (MHEC’s) Technologies Community has been exploring the value proposition of information technology (IT). As the concept of value was explored more deeply, the team stopped asking "What is the value of IT?" and began to ask "What is the value that OTHERS place on what we do?" This session will explore the topic in more depth, using realistic examples drawn from community experiences. We will examine how IT’s response can help or hurt outcomes. We will consider perspectives from outside IT: a CFO, a provost, staff, and students all provide unique experiences and have different expectations of IT, and the CIO must address them all. This will be an interactive and entertaining session led by members of MHEC's Technologies Community.