A Course Marking Roadmap

Date & Time

Recommendations to guide the development and implementation of open and affordable course marking for the benefit of students, faculty, and institutions

To develop a set of recommendations for the development and implementation of open and affordable course marking, MHEC convened a nationally representative group of institutional, system, and state experts in course marking. This webinar will introduce attendees to the recommendations, including five steps critical to the development of a course marking process:

  • Define your goal(s) and purpose(s) for course marking
  • Create a committee or working group
  • Identify and develop terms and definitions for course marking
  • Develop and document the course marking process
  • Implement and communicate the course marking process

Along with information about the five steps, presenters will share a set of key takeaways from the recommendations designed to help those interested in developing and implementing course marking at their institution, system, or state.



Jenny Parks, Vice President, Policy and Research, MHEC
Gina Johnson, Principal & Cofounder, Data EmpowerED Consulting
Liliana Diaz, Policy Analyst, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education