Critical Considerations Before Contracting with a Teletherapy Vendor

Date & Time

MHEC has partnered to discuss "Critical Considerations Before Contracting with a Teletherapy Vendor" based on the research conducted by the American Council on Education and The Jed Foundation (JED).

As campuses continue to address the mental health needs of their students, institutions have increased their support services through teletherapy options. During this webinar Hollie Chessman, ACE director of practice and research, and Nance Roy, JED chief clinical officer, will dive into the findings in their brief and share key takeaways to help institutional leadership in guiding their campus decisions before contracting with a teletherapy vendor.

Their brief offers a playbook for campuses in addressing the questions that should be asked and helps campuses prioritize this work.

As you begin your budget planning for the new year, bring your questions, insights, and perspectives to share! Hear the perspective from a Midwest institution that was involved in the selection of a teletherapy vendor.

Guest Presenters

Nance Roy, Ed.D., Chief Clinical Officer, The Jed Foundation (JED)

Zainab Okolo, SVP of Policy Advocacy and Government Relations, The Jed Foundation (JED)

Hollie Chessman, Director, Practice & Research | Education Futures Lab, American Council on Education

Veronica Warren, Counseling Center Director, University of Wisconsin Whitewater