Licensure Level-Set: Why Institutional Leaders Should Prioritize this Work

Date & Time

MHEC is building upon its existing work in the practice areas of compliance and credentialing by participating in the Midwestern-State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (M-SARA) and now, offering support for our stakeholders in the area of professional licensure. Through our participation and support of SARA, we provide resources to institutions and member states regarding compliance with state and federal rules pertaining to the authorization of distance education offerings. However, institutions must comply not only with state authorization regulations but also with regulations pertaining to professional licensure programs. As SARA does not fully address this aspect of compliance work, MHEC is supporting its compliance community with assistance from Higher Educational Licensing Pros, LLC (HELP).

Please join us for a webinar on August 17 with Kris Maul, J.D., and Nan Kalke, Ph.D., principals of HELP, who will introduce the requirements and work required to comply with federal regulations pertaining to professional licensure and explain how this work is of critical importance to institutions.