Moving Cybersecurity from ‘Unfunded Mandate’ to Strategic Advantage

Date & Time

Join the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) for a fireside chat with John Rathje, vice president and CIO at Kent State University, and Chris Schreiber, a former university CISO and the founder of CampusCISO. Chris and John have collaborated with hundreds of campus leaders and look forward to sharing their approach to addressing cybersecurity challenges in higher education.

In this webinar, the following will be discussed:

  • Escalating risks facing higher education and the importance of proactive threat identification and mitigation.
  • Delving into the methods used by attackers and techniques that can help minimize risk.
  • Sharing insights and compliance strategies from their cybersecurity work with various institutions, given that cybersecurity compliance is a significant hurdle for most institutions.
  • Enabling institutions to strengthen cybersecurity through the latest strategies and trends, including examples from their work at Kent State and other institutions that work with CampusCISO.

Chris and John are excited to share their insights and strategies.

As a community, working together to address cybersecurity can transform cybersecurity challenges into opportunities for institutions.


John Rathje, Vice President for Information Technology and the Chief Information Officer, Kent State University
Chris Schreiber, Founder, CampusCISO