How To Amplify Your Institution’s Application for the “Strengthening Community College Training Grant” with SkillsCommons

MHEC recently cohosted a webinar with Dr. Gerry Hanley, executive director of SkillsCommons, to assist institutions that wish to apply for the DOLETA SCC grant opportunity. SkillsCommons, a collection of free and open educational resources (OER) geared toward job-driven workforce development, offers many tools and services to enhance grant proposals and support campuses’ and systems’ implementation of OER. Here you can watch the full recording (passcode: !#iM1ls&) or view the slide deck.:

How Can SkillsCommons Help my institution or system?

SkillsCommons can bolster your application in a variety of ways by:

  • Accelerating implementation and capacity of your program through curated curriculum and program support materials
  • Grounding your project through proven, evidence-based practices acquired through 250+ TAACCCT projects over 6 years
  • Reduce initial costs and overhead by repurposing other TAACCT resources to directly fit the needs of your project

To see how SkillsCommons can help you support OER implementation on your campus please view examples from the Colorado Community College System,  the Ohio Manufacturing Association, and Madison Area Technical College.

For any questions regarding how SkillsCommons can assist your institution in the application process for the SCC grant opportunity, please contact Dr. Gerry Hanley to have a conversation about the new heights your project can reach by partnering with SkillsCommons.