RFP Q & A: MHEC MPP Appraisal Services

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) is competitively soliciting proposals to establish a Master Agreement to provide property valuation services to the member institutions participating in MHEC’s Master Property Program. Upon awarding of a bid and successful negotiation of a Master Agreement, MHEC will endorse the selected service provider(s) property valuation services to the member institutions.  Each individual member institution shall determine, at its sole discretion, whether or not to utilize the services offered by the selected service provider(s) and the scope of the services to be rendered.  A member institution that determines it wants to utilize the services offered by the winning service provider(s) through the Master Agreement shall enter into a separate contract with the winning service provider(s) (Services Contract). The pricing for such services shall be as set forth in the Master Agreement. All other terms and conditions of the Services Contact shall be negotiated between the member institution and the winning service provider(s), and should adhere to terms no less material than those set forth in the Master Agreement.  MHEC does not guarantee that any member institution will utilize the Master Agreement to enter into Service Contract(s) with winning service provider(s) or will purchase property valuation services from winning service provider(s).