Investing to Drive Economic Growth, Follow-up to Higher Education Finance in the Post-COVID Era

Date & Time

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC), in partnership with Lumina Foundation’s Strategy Labs, invites  MHEC commissioners, commissioner alternates, and other key leaders to participate in a follow-up virtual learning opportunity. This opportunity will dive into actionable solutions based on the higher education financing principles promoted in Lumina Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s report, “Higher Ed Budgets for the Post-COVID Era,” released in November 2020. Based on feedback provided following the February 5 MHEC webinar, these virtual learning opportunities will examine separate principles for how states can address the challenges and opportunities for higher education.

Elizabeth Salinas from HCM Strategists will facilitate a discussion exploring Principle 4, “Strategically leverage all available resources and invest differently for economic growth.” Participants will hear from Commissioner Teresa Lubbers at the Indiana Commission for Higher Education about the innovative financial mechanisms they are using to augment higher education.

The session will include small breakout sessions for participants to ask more specific questions of their peers about the presented state strategies, discuss current contexts and get advice on ways to make progress or navigate obstacles.

Contact Katie Chock, meeting and events manager, with questions.