META Teletherapy

META logoMETA Teletherapy provides institutions of higher education with access to a nationwide network of licensed mental health providers. Institutions that implement META augment their mental health services by instantly improving their student-to-counselor ratio and expanding available times for counseling to include days, evenings, and weekends. META providers hold the industry’s best response time, averaging a reply to initial messages from students in under six hours.

The MHEC agreement with META provides institutions affordable access to a mental health provider marketplace where students can choose to connect with school counselors or META teletherapists through a mobile app for private, secure video, audio, and chat therapy sessions.

Most META mental health providers hold multiple state licenses, allowing students more choices within a diverse marketplace of counselors. Through the app, students can filter counselors by gender, language, ethnicity, therapy style, and more to find the perfect counselor. Students can see providers who are currently available for instant connection or leave a message to schedule sessions for a later time. Teletherapy enables institutions to provide additional support to remote students attending courses online, regardless of location.


Breanne Hegg
MHEC Vice President
(612) 677-2762