Institutions can stretch the budget on purchases of popular software packages. MHEC has entered into agreements with these vendors to provide special pricing, terms, and end user license agreements for use in education. Because of the special nature of some software packages or the fact that an institution currently uses the software; sole source buying may be acceptable. In any event, institutions should be able to use these contracts at renewal time. In some cases, personal use licenses are available.

Commvault from Arrow Electronics - This MHEC addendum is a result of a competitively bid solicitation by the University of Nebraska at Omaha for Commvault’s full-line of software, maintenance, and training. Purchases are made through a network of authorized resellers.

Micro Focus – The Collaborative agreement extends ALA (Academic License Agreement) pricing at the highest level to all institutions in our region.

To receive the up to 46% discount, institutions must complete an ALA Annual Fee Worksheet and submit it to MHEC.

Oracle – The agreement covers virtually all Oracle products and services and provides special pricing and faster contracting for institutions.