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Academic License Agreement (ALA) Renewal: Collaborative Member Addendum

The Micro Focus Academic Licensing Agreement (ALA) is for existing institutional participants in the MHEC/Micro Focus Collaborative. Please contact your Micro Focus representative to determine if your institution has a Collaborative Member Addendum to ALA to participate. Institutions with a signed Collaborative Member Addendum to ALA with Micro Focus can continue to receive the highest level of ALA discounts by completing the Micro Focus ALA Annual Fee Worksheet and submitting to MHEC, the Collaborative Worksheet.

As of October 2021, Collaborative Members need to purchase technical support Service Requests (SRs) directly through Micro Focus. Prior to initiating an SR, Collaborative Members must have established a support subscription agreement with Micro Focus Premium Support. Setting up a support account takes two or more business days, and any purchased SRs are valid for up to twelve months. Brian O’Donnell, Sr. Account Manager, Midwest, is available to assist with setting up a support subscription agreement and provide quotes for SRs.

For Renewal Assistance

Brian O’Donnell
Micro Focus Sr. Account Manager, Midwest
(651) 674-2093

Send the ALA Annual Fee Worksheet, along with payment to:
Micro Focus
ATTN: Contracts and Negotiations
1800 South Novell Place
M/S PRV-H-544
Provo, UT 84606

Send a copy of the completed Collaborative Worksheet and MHEC payment to:
Midwestern Higher Education Compact
ATTN: Erin Frahm
105 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 450
Minneapolis, MN 55401
FAX: (612) 767-3353

Note: This document works best if it is downloaded first and opened in Adobe Acrobat so that calculations auto-populate.

For Support Subscription and Service Requests Assistance

Brian O’Donnell
Micro Focus Sr. Account Manager, Midwest
(651) 674-2093

For Premium Support Service Subscriptions Administration Questions

(800) 453-1267 ext. 19010.

Technical Support Resources

Contract Eligibility: MHEC

Higher Education Institutions (Public and Private Not-for-Profit) renewing Micro Focus ALA and have an existing Micro Focus Collaborative Member Addendum to ALA.