Contract #MHEC-06042021-BD

Berry Dunn logoBerryDunn is an IT consulting, management consulting, and certified public accounting firm serving clients nationally.  BerryDunn was founded in 1974 and currently employs more than 600 professionals. BerryDunn provides IT security-, risk-, controls-, and regulatory compliance-related services to colleges, universities, and multi-institution state systems and consortia, K-12, government and quasi-government agencies (state, county, municipal), and more. BerryDunn’s approach is simple: produce high-quality services for every client, strive for unparalleled customer satisfaction, and deliver both at a reasonable cost.

The BerryDunn contract allows for a customized consulting engagement to meet your institution’s needs.  


Joseph Traino
Senior Manager
(480) 482-3052

Deb Kidwell
MHEC Director of Technology Initiatives
(612) 677-2770

This contract (MHEC-06042021-BD) is effective June 4, 2021, through June 30, 2024.